Specialty Containers

military drum

At PSI, we are noted for our ability to design specialty containers to meet our customer exact specifications.

We can design and manufacture specialty containers ranging in diameter from 5 inches to over 5 feet, and in height from a few inches to over 10 feet tall. If it’s metal and round, we can manufacture it.

We use a wide range of different materials in manufacturing our specialty containers, including cold and hot rolled steel, stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L, titanium, aluminum, and some copper bronze alloys.

Our high-quality specialty containers can be finished in a wide variety of coatings: high solids paint, powder coating, mill galvanized or hot dip, as well as passivating and roto-lining. Among the unique uses for our specialty containers are:

Vacuum cleaners and hoppers
We manufacture all types and sizes of metal containers for assembly into vacuum cleaners and for hoppers used in powder coating. Vacuum canisters can be made from carbon or stainless steel, painted or powder coated.
Our process non-bulk portable feed hoppers are convenient and cost-effective for remote sites. We also make a square drum that fits 71 gallons in the same floor space as a 55-gallon round container.
PSI’s specialty containers may be used in a variety of process industries, including chemical and food, or for shipping and storing hazardous and poisonous material, including nuclear weapons grade materials. The specialty container will be designed to fit your specific needs for
filling and emptying. All PSI specialty containers are tested to the latest UN, 7A, Type A and 49 CFR specifications.

military drum

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