Stainless Steel Drums

PSI’s stainless steel drums are used by both the private and public sectors in a wide variety of applications. They are noted for their low maintenance finish: Stainless steel withstands harsh environments and provides the best value in long-term reusable containers.

Stainless steel drums are used primarily to process, ship and store chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fragrances, beverages, flavors and even nuclear weapons-grade material. For example:

  • The pharmaceutical industry takes advantage of our sanitary style construction to ship precious life-saving material to processing plants around the world.
  • The beverage industry ships their flavors and syrups to their manufacturing facilities in our stainless steel drums.
  • Wine producers enjoy the added features of our custom-designed stainless steel wine barrels.
  • The military takes advantage of our severe duty stainless steel containers that are resistant to rust and rough handling.
  • Governments use our stainless steel drums to ship nuclear weapons grade material out of communist countries for disassembly and processing in the United States.
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