Cone Top Drums

PSI offers innovative solutions for packaging your high value, high purity, highly reactive, or other materials requiring special handling.  We can offer UN Rating of these drums for both liquids and solids. What are these ratings?

Our cone head drums have an outer barrel shape with an inner vessel closed with a cone (funnel) shaped spout and charging hole.  The charging hole can be sealed with a variety of valves, slide, ball, butterfly (quarter turn), etc. for ease of metering and dispensing.  Venting valves (gauge ports) are typically installed as well.  The photos below represent some common configurations.  We can manufacture containers to your design specifications in order to meet your unique needs including adding handles, slings or other fixtures.

We typically ship our cone drums with a blanket of Nitrogen in the chamber to resist internal corrosion.


Cone Drum Gallery


CBD Drums

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