DOT 7A Tested Containers

PSI manufactures and tests drums to the requirements of DOT 7A.  These can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel and come in diameters from five inches to forty-eight inches or more and in heights from just under five inches to ten feet or more.  We can add handles, custom embossing, linings, and have many choices of paint color.

Packaging Specialties does not stencil drums with the “USA DOT 7A” designation nor do we provide a Certificate of Conformance for this designation directly. We have been notified that to do this is not in keeping with the intent of the applicable regulations which require that the entity certifying the drum must certify that it meets all of the regulatory requirements. These requirements include testing with surrogate contents that “as closely as possible” replicate the actual contents to be shipped. Since we are not aware of the form of the contents customers will put into the container, we cannot fulfill this requirement. We supply a test report to show that the container was able to withstand the prescribed tests when filled with sand and metal at a certain gross mass. The filler must maintain the responsibility to certify that the container meets the 7A requirement.      

Commonly Stocked Sizes of DOT 7A Tested Steel Drums

(Made to Order Sizes of DOT 7A Open Head Steel Drums Available - Contact Us for Details)

Commonly Made to Order Sizes of DOT 7A Tested Steel Drums( Duplicate )

(Many Other Made to Order Sizes of DOT 7A Steel Drums Available - Contact Us for Details)


DOT 7A Tested Drums

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