We can construct containers to meet specialty applications that may include prototypes and first articles, unique shapes, holes, ports, valves, materials or attachments to aid in your process. We would be happy to quote your design or offer suggestions to satisfy your objectives.

Product Line

Cone Top Drums

Have been used to ship and store materials that are chemically reactive to oxygen or water as well as products that require the ability to dispense and/or meter in controlled amounts

DOT 7A Drums

These drums are tested and rated to comply with the Code of Federal Regulations for shipping Class 7 materials

Military Spec Drums

Rugged and reusable containers have been used by military and private industry to ship and store product under the most arduous conditions

Musical Drum

Careful attention is paid to exact customer specifications for the best sound quality in musical drums

Salvage Drums

We are the originator of the Overpack drum and manufacture both Salvage and Overpack drums in many sizes

Special Purpose

Used as Vacuum Canisters, Architectural Hardware, Filter Housings, Machinery Components and limited only by the imagination.  We work with our customers to provide canisters that fit their unique application

Square Drums

Innovative metal drums with squared sides allow for storage of 71 Gallons in the same space as the typical 55 Gallon Drum

Stainless Steel Drums

Corrosion resistant, reusable, durable and available in many styles sizes and gauges. Sanitary Style weld is also available. We can install ports and fittings to your specifications